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Tandem and Vantour 2017/2018

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El Palmar

After Morocco and travelling for several months, we were looking for a place in the south of Spain to stay for a month or two, to learn Spanish and to skip winter at the beach. Already before we left to... Continue Reading →


Surf Eat Sleep Repeat

Hey friends, we finally update our blog again. It's been a long time and our daily life so much different now. We enjoy having a kitchen, a bed, a wardrobe and a table to eat, everything under one movable roof!... Continue Reading →

France and an unexpected turn

Autumn arrived with cold temperatures and rainy waeather as we crossed the boarder to France. We spent the first night in France at Morgan and Perine's wooden house in the rhone valley.  We wrote them at 2pm on if... Continue Reading →


Being home after 5 months on the road felt great. One of the reasons to come home over the summer apart from seeing family and friends was the fact, that summer time is probably the best time of the year... Continue Reading →

The way home (1)

Slovenia In only one day after the boarder of Croatia we reached the beautiful Pachamama centre near Maribor. Luz from Peru and Diraj from Slovenia turned this land into a magical place. It is made by love, sweat, strong will,... Continue Reading →

The Balkans Pt. I

It was already dawning when we woke up on the ferry to Albania. Again we slept on our mats somewhere on the ship and gazed at the hilly land in the morning. The ferry took 10 hours from Bari and... Continue Reading →

Basilicata and Puglia

The landscape in the south of the region Basilicata is dominated by very soft, wavelike hills cultivated with rich green grain in spring. Fortunately we were there just at the right time to witness the green fields changing into yellow... Continue Reading →

Italians are…

This is a tribute to Italy as we've experienced its citizens and the country. Of course our impressions are generalizing and there are more than certainly a lot of exceptions.  Of course some "facts" are just wrong but still it... Continue Reading →

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